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Dynamiq are a consultancy specialising in training in negotiation skills and high value selling skills. One of the leading training providers in Yorkshire for communication skills in business.

Training that has a measurable and positive impact on your revenue.

Based in Yorkshire

We are based in South Yorkshire in easy reach of major cities such as Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester.


We have great experience in helping clients achieve specific business outcomes, particularly complex high value sales and negotiations. This experience is based on using well researched models and techniques delivered by intelligent professionals.

Strong Track record

We have a strong track record of developing meaningful relationships with a range of clients. By gaining a full and comprehensive understanding of your business, we are able to set clear and measurable objectives for your project. This has resulted in visible business growth for our clients and a clear return on investment, such as those clients featured in our Case Studies.

Ian Flemming

Ian1 115x150 Our OrganisationIan is the original founder of Dynamiq (2003) and has worked with many large corporations on account management and sales initiatives. He also has extensive experience of…
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Carol Pickering

Carol1 115x150 Our OrganisationCarol has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and developer. She has worked in a range of sectors with professionals in HR, IT, financial services, construction and…
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David Hodgkinson

DavidHodgekinson 115x150 Our OrganisationDavid is a highly experienced trainer who has worked with many different clients over the years in both the private and public sector. He has worked on sales training and…
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Maria Clews

Maria1 115x150 Our OrganisationMaria is a specialist in sales training and account management, and negotiation. She has experience as a National Sales Training Manager with United Pallet Network and Norweb. She also…
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Wendy Flemming

Wendy1 115x150 Our OrganisationWendy has been a real force in shaping Dynamiq. She has great strategic ability and is able to translate this into practical and engaging training. She has been involved extensively in…
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Richard Benson

Richard2 115x150 Our OrganisationRichard has worked on many of our programmes within the health service. He has 15 years of NHS experience most of which was at board level. He has particular expertise in…
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Sue Heward

Sue1 115x150 Our OrganisationSue has experience of designing and delivering training. These have helped individuals and organisations to access a variety and range of personal and…
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Peter Collett

Peter1 115x150 Our OrganisationPeter has over 25 years experience as a consultant and trainer. Working extensively with public and private sector organisations. He has proven expertise in…
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