Newsletter – Autumn 2014

Newsletter – Autumn 2014

Supervisory Training Course – Supervisor in Action

Our supervisor training course continued to be popular with programmes running throughout the summer with a current client. This development course is aimed at first line managers and supervisors to help them identify how they can improve their leadership skills and is endorsed by The Institute of leadership and Management (ILM). The course provides a development opportunity for those new to the role of supervisor or team leader as well as established leaders who have not undertaken any formal training.

It is a very practical training course underpinned by models and concepts, which are explored in the group through discussions, questionnaires and paired exercises. This enables the participants to fully understand how these apply to them, in the situations that they have to deal with on a day to day basis.  A key element of the course is supporting the learners to plan how they are going to apply their learning back in their own workplace.

The course currently being delivered has a unique feature, in that the learning group have an opportunity to prepare for a ‘Question and Answer’ session with a senior manager or director.

This two-way communication opportunity provides a platform for staff to find the answer to some of the questions that may have been an issue for them and the staff they manage, perhaps why things are being done in a certain way or to a set timescale.  Carefully managed, this empowering exercise builds a bridge between the perceived gap between ‘Staff and Management’ and puts a face and personality to a senior manager, who has the opportunity to clarify the company goals and plans to those working on the front line.

This course can be tailored for any organisation, building on existing policies and corporate change programmes where results need to be delivered.

Please contact us, for further information on our development programmes for team leaders and supervisors or for an informal chat of how we can help you with development of your managers and supervisors.

Some quotes from participants

“Fantastic course, well presented by both trainers”
“Very supportive team that made learning a positive experience”
“Good course, this can only help me”


Fixed Fee Package Deals

We recently worked with a client who had a set budget to spend, a vague people development strategy but clear delivery timescales. After an initial free diagnostic meeting we were able to design a bespoke development programme of 3 courses, which all staff would attend. ‘Extras’ were purchased for staff who benefited from a series of coaching sessions.

Success of this initiative was measurable by increased sales and improved relationships between teams and clients.

We are planning to offer this winning formula to other organisations during the Autumn as we are developing a ‘pick and mix’,  fixed fee programme, that will enable smaller organisations access to quality training at a set price that is within their budget.

Rather than an extensive diagnostic process, with a quote for what you need, (we can do this too!)  followed by decisions about budgets etc., our Pick & Mix offer will allow you to decide how much you have to spend and take your pick of courses.

We are interested to find out what courses you would like offered as options within this fixed fee package. Those that we have offered before include

1 day courses

  • Commercial Awareness
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Improving Sales
  • An Introduction to Leadership skills
  • Influencing
  • An Introduction to Coaching Skills

A benefit of this type of training purchase means that as new staff start with the company, the training can be delivered again in small groups ensuring a consistency of approach.

Extras to the package

Extras to the set budget package can include individual coaching, MBTI with individuals or whole teams followed up with team development sessions. Costs for these are negotiable.

Tell us what you think

Tell us what you would find useful to include in our ‘pick and mix’ offering using the contact link on the home page. No obligations!

More details in our next newsletter, but if you already have an idea of what you need and a budget in mind, contact us and we’ll tell you what we can offer.


Regards from The Dynamiq Team


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