Do you want to?

  • Learn how to prepare in a simple but effective way
  • Learn the most effective behaviours that top negotiators use
  • Learn the behaviours that effective negotiators avoid
  • Improve your confidence in negotiating
  • Develop your own Skills in negotiation
  • Know how to deal with the dirty tricks that are used in negotiating
  • Improve your status in the organisation by negotiating far better deals

Often senior professionals are required to negotiate significant deals with suppliers or customers. With a small improvement in their preparation and the use of a few new skills they could will be so much more successful. Often the people involved in negotiating have not received negotiation training and lack some of skills which will enable them to secure a far better deal. An example of this was a former participant who was Director of Procurement in a large NHS organisation.

He said “I used to travel down to a local trust for the annual negotiation and the only planning myself and the Chief Executive would do was the discussion in the lift on the way up to the floor where we were negotiating”

“The course simply gave me the tools to undertake the right sort of preparation for this negotiation and as a result actually negotiate a deal that was the best for both parties”

Here are some of the comments from the attendees of our negotiation training courses:

Well run course that exceeded my expectations and I have learnt a number of skills. Helpful and approachable tutors. Thanks.
David Kelly The Pensions Ombudsman
Well-designed, large practical component which was very specific to the skills we need to practice
Alex Simmonds IBM
I very much enjoyed the style and approach of the two course facilitators who managed to convey their expertise with skill and humour. I really enjoyed exploring the subtleties of negotiation that I’d not previously considered.
Jane Burgess Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust

There are also more Testimonials from course attendees. If you have questions or specific requirements, do not hesitate to Contact Us. Or simply give us a call on 0114 236 3781.