Technical Managers

Do you want to?

  • Understand the behaviours that are effective in developing relationships with customers and clients
  • Develop the confidence and skill to deal with opportunities that come up
  • Improving internal communications and relationships (e.g. with sales team)
  • Control of ‘scope creep’ and how to deal with it (turn it into opportunity)
  • How to develop a strong value proposition, one that is really compelling

If you are a technical manager, as technician, scientist or simply a professional with little knowledge and experience of the sales process then we can help you.

Often your knowledge of the product or service is impressive to the customer, and this gives you a unique relationship that can build business. You may want to tell them about all the features and benefits you think they might enjoy, but is this an effective way to engage your client? Research tells us not. We can help you work effectively with customers and clients to ensure that opportunities are fostered and managed, whilst controlling the impact on your work-load.

Dynamiq have been a pleasure to work with. Their in depth knowledge of the subject area for development was excellent both from a theoretical and practical/experience perspective. Ian took time out to understand our company aims and objectives and where the business currently was compared to where it needed to be…

Both the individuals taking part in the course and the company are extremely pleased with the outcomes and will continue to work with Ian to build on these valuable skills he has embedded within the team.

SEAMS are very happy to recommend Dynamiq’s services to other companies.

Sue Jones, Business Support Manager SEAMS

Our Case Studies and Testimonials provide some examples of the positive results we have gained for technical staff. If you have questions or specific requirements, do not hesitate to Contact Us. Or simply give us a call on 0114 236 3781.