Barnsley NHS Trust Case Study

Barnsley NHS Case Study

The Brief

The brief was to work with the management team to help them to develop more effective negotiation skills, become more persuasive in their negotiation with the Primary Care Trust and secure a better deal than they otherwise might do.


What We Did

We ran two one day programmes on negotiations covering a range of topics that included:

  • Preparation for Negotiation
  • Thinking about the Other Side
  • Effective Behaviours
  • Setting Negotiation Objectives
  • Trading
  • Dirty Tricks that some negotiators play

We also ran a simulated negotiation using a case study specifically developed for them and gave them personalised feedback on their performance through this case study.
Finally we provided several personal coaching sessions for each participant which helped them put into practice the learning from the course

The negotiation training was excellent because it provided a number of different ways of looking at an issue and then a way to resolve them, personally it helped me look at the language I use in these situations and helped me to use the correct language when I’m looking for a win-win result. From a Trust point of view the effect has been measurable in that we were one of the first in our area to negotiate this years contract with a settlement that all parties are pleased about.

In summary I would have no hesitation in recommending Dynamiq Consultants for any training in the future.

Stephen Wragg, Chairman

Results So Far

Barnsley Hospital were delighted with the outcome of the negotiation training.

They negotiated the agreement for the coming year together as a team. They were able to do so in a powerful and united fashion based on using the preparation tools we provided.

They were able to achieve a genuine win-win agreement which both sides were satisfied with. The Management Team will continue to use the skills they learned with Dynamiq for future and ongoing negotiations.

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