‘Team North’ Training Offerings

‘Team North’ is a group of experienced trainers who have got together to share their depth of experience and their breadth of subject matter in a short course listing that they will really enjoy delivering to you.

The idea is that they can offer ten subjects that they do really well. Well, not just ‘really well’ but ‘really, really well’. That is to say that you are not just getting someone who trains in subject matter material but someone who absolutely LOVES that subject – someone who loves and breathes it! Someone who moves in those fields, someone who constantly researches the latest developments in that field. Yes, someone who gets excited about that subject and can’t wait to share it with other people! (You may not want to sit next to this person at dinner but as a trainer for your organisation we think you will be very happy…..)

And so…for each of the subjects they have tons of exercises that they will pick from in order to give you the best material possible. They will deliver anywhere in the UK – their accents are generally quite well understood….but we always welcome your feedback!

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a Subject
  • Fill out a short questionnaire aided by a phone call or meeting
  • The trainer puts the course together
  • The course is delivered on the date and venue that you arrange

Here are the Subjects:

  1. How to Sell (2 Days)
  2. How to Give a Great Presentation (1 Day)
  3. How to use Social Media for Business Benefit (1 Day)
  4. How to Write great Business Reports (1 Day)
  5. How to Find the Leader within Yourself (2 Days)
  6. How to understand and apply Employee Engagement (1 Day)
  7. How to have Difficult Conversations (1 Day)
  8. How to Get the Very Best from Your Team (1 Day)
  9. How to use ‘Neuro-Leadership’ ***NEW*** (1 Day)
  10. How to Develop and Coach (1 Day)

Further information is available on each course title. Simply email a request for more information on the subject of your interest and you will receive further details of the course and of the trainer by return.

Each training day costs £1000 plus VAT for up to 14 delegates. Terms and conditions along with booking arrangements will be set up as you make your choices.
Please ask for any other variations of subject matter or delivery as you see fit.

Team North is delighted to receive any enquiries without any obligation.

Enquiries are taken on behalf of Team North by Anne Parker. Call 07976849986 or email Anne

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