Training in Complex High Value Negotiating

Training in Negotiation
This training is designed to deliver great preparation tools and a set of new negotiation skills which use these tools to their advantage. Participants develop the skills and understanding to apply the behaviours that work and avoid the behaviours that don’t work.The end result is a team that can negotiate with confidence, and achieve win-win negotiations that satisfy you and delight your customers.

Typically 2 days training in total either 4 x ½ days or another combination that suits the client.

Content Areas:

1The Negotiation Process

Defining negotiation and understanding the key phases involved in it.


We provide some key tools which participants work through for a case they are going to negotiate. Participants familiarise themselves with the tools, and then practice their use in a simulated setting.

3Strategy and Tactics

We often know what we need to cover in our negotiations, but fail to have a strategy for achieving this. We think about when to introduce issues and how to bargain.

4Questioning Techniques

This is fundamental to successful negotiation and it requires creative thinking to develop a strong questioning strategy. Why are we questioning, what are we trying to uncover?

5Dirty Tricks That Are Often Played

This is not introduced so they can be used, but so you know how to deal with them when they are used by those you are negotiating with.

6Case Studies

We use industry relevant case studies to practise all of the above techniques and give feedback to participants. This is then built upon and reinforced during the coaching.


One to one coaching is provided for all participants, either face to face or on the telephone. . It is best employed shortly after attendance on the course. Each session usually lasts for 45 minutes.

The content is as follows:

  • Reaction to the course content and what they want to apply Identifying opportunities to put the techniques into practise
  • Looking at barriers to success
  • Looking at support needed
  • Action Planning including specific targets

To find out more about our training in negotiation, or if you have questions or specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. Or simply give us a call on 0114 236 3781.