Training in Leadership and Commercial Skills

Our Values
Our leadership training programme is designed to meet the traditional objectives of leadership training, whilst also incorporating new content so that leaders are able to engage fully with the commercial objectives of the business and become skilled at building customer relationships.
Content Areas:

1ILM Accredited Training

An endorsed programme that accredits supervisors and managers and so demonstrates to clients and customers that they have a fully competent and trained workforce, enabling them to bid for more substantial contracts.

2Commercial Skills

Our programme not only enhances their leadership skills but also their commercial skills so that they can be effective in promoting the business and generating new opportunities.

3Team Building

An interactive programme for supervisors that involves senior managers and gets a strong dialogue between them and this improved communication leads to better results. Also a very pragmatic programme that gives them skills and tools that they can use immediately.

4Case Studies

We use industry relevant case studies to practise all of the techniques and give feedback to participants. This is then built upon and reinforced during the coaching.


One to one coaching is provided for all participants, either face to face or on the telephone. . It is best employed shortly after attendance on the course. Each session usually lasts for 45 minutes.

The content is as follows:

  • Reaction to the course content and what they want to apply
  • Identifying opportunities to put the techniques into practise
  • Looking at barriers to success
  • Looking at support needed
  • Action Planning including specific targets

If you are interested in this type of programme then contact us to find out more about how we might help, we will work with you to develop a programme that meets your requirements and really embeds leadership and commercial skills in your organisation. You can contact us via the website. Or simply give us a call on 0114 236 3781.