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You Have Control?!

Posted by Blymi

You are not a happy bunny!  You’ve been standing in a slow-moving, then virtually stationary queue for over two hours, caged in a like a rat in a trap, nothing to do or look at other than the ‘cage maze’ …

Problem Solving: When Theory Meets Practice

Posted by ianflemming

Many years ago I was working with a small business producing industrial fume scrubbing equipment. My role was to provide management training and related development services to the managing director and his management team. On this particular day I was …

Business Environment Analysis Part 1: An introduction to SWOT and PEST Analysis

Posted by ianflemming

This series of 3 articles focuses on problem-solving and decision-making in the business environment. It explores the use of both the PEST and SWOT Analysis models, when analysing the business environment in order to decide future direction and actions. The …